2011 Edition of

Remember When

Gloria Denison Ursula Hawkins Roger Moon          
Toni Enright Kristine Kwong         Robin Winternheimer             
Andrea Gayhart Earnie Lockert        Leslie Ziff                        
 Steve Hawkins         



GLORIA DENISON (Soprano): A native Californian, Gloria has always loved to sing. She spent her elementary school years and high school years performing in glee clubs, choirs, duets, quartets, talent shows and musicals. She participated in a Gregorian Chant class from Cal State L.A. that traveled to Solesmes, France, worked for two weeks with the abbey's choir director there, then traveled back to Paris. Before reaching Paris, the group sang in Chartes Cathedral and then sang Gregorian Chant in Notre Dame Cathedral also. Tap dancing and acting are also interests so Gloria has appeared in tap groups at the Wilshire Ebell Theater and participated in community theater productions such as Black Comedy, Dial M for Murder, Harvey and The Sunshine Boys. Other than singing, dancing and acting, Gloria has a bachelor's and master's degree in education as well as a library science credential. She taught in a middle school for years and was the librarian in the same institution. She loves being a part of Remember When and thinks the group not only sounds good, but looks good too!!  She resides in Monrovia. Go to top of page


Ursula Hawkins (Soprano):  While she has a professional career as a Registered Nurse, Ursula started singing as a preschooler. Music appreciation and participation classes started in first grade in the curriculum of Minnesota schools. She participated in annual Spring and Christmas concerts including band, orchestra and choruses. As a junior in high school, she was selected to sing as the featured soloist in a special swing band that the high school’s music director started to put together to entertain in the local area. Most of the band members were either current or former high school students. After the big band’s third engagement that summer the band director was drafted and the big band disbanded. She still sang in church and school choirs during her senior year. For many years, she has been a soprano section leader and featured soloist of church music and community chorales. Regarding Remember When, Ursula says, "Now I have the chance to continue singing big band music."   She is a resident of Arcadia.  Go to top of page 


Toni Enright (Soprano): Toni is originally from Detroit, but moved to L.A. almost 20 years ago. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and has been a teacher since graduating college. Toni has studied voice in Pasadena for several years, and also through UCLA Extension, where her final "class" was a performance at the famous Cinegrill in Hollywood.  Most of her singing experiences are primarily for fun, and her "hobby" as a lyricist has become an integral part of every retirement and/or going away party for co-workers. After re-writing lyrics to a song that is somehow linked to the guest of honor, she enlists the help of others and they perform at the party ala the old Dean Martin celebrity roasts. She claims that her start with this group was somewhat of a fluke, but that was 2 years ago and she’s still here. Toni enjoys singing with Remember When because, "I LOVE the songs, and we have evolved into a group that really cooks when we’re all ‘on.’"  Toni resides in the hills of South Pasadena.   Go to top of page


Leslie Ziff (Soprano): A professional choir director and music teacher, Leslie sang in the acapella choirs at San Diego State University and California State University at Los Angeles while obtaining her BA in Vocal Music and Conducting. She is presently teaching vocal music in the Montebello Unified School District. Leslie has directed Junior and Senior High Productions throughout the Los Angeles and San Diego areas, including the student productions of Fiddler On The Roof at the La Mirada Theatre. She has directed vocal groups such as; The La Jolla Candlelight Singers, The Singers On the Green at the San Diego Old Globe Theatre. As a professional singer she has participated as a soloist in groups ranging from the National Cast of Up With People, to The Old Globe Singers., and even a Gregorian Chant Choir. Leslie now resides in Sierra Madre and came to Remember When because of the love of big band music. "It is a pleasure to perform with others that share your love for music."   Leslie resides in an historical home in Sierra Madre. Go to top of page


Andrea Gayhart (Alto): A Southern California native, Andrea was raised in a musical home in La Mirada.. Her father was a church choir director and she started singing when she was in first grade. With three sisters and a brother, there was always music in her home. The family was always singing together either in a large group or in smaller duos and trios. Andrea was always singing throughout her school days in school and church choirs. In high school, she was in the a'cappella choir, the school’s Madigals At Westmont College, she was in the Westmont College Chorale. During her school days, she also performed as a soloist at many church weddings. After receiving her BS in Dental Hygiene from Loma Linda University she continued her love of music in church choirs and community chorals. While she is a full time Dental Hygentist, Andrea loves Remember When’s music and really enjoys to perform. "I really enjoy bringing some of this great music back to audiences again. I really love it. It is so much fun." Andrea is a long time resident of Sierra Madre.  Go to top of page


Kristine Kwong (Alto):
Kristine started as a classical pianist since age 7 studying under Earl C Voorhies of South Pasadena and was a member of the National Piano Guild. She subsequently added jazz to her repertoire under the tutelage of Donald Vega of the Colburn School of Performing Arts and Dan Mudd of the Berklee School of Music. Kristine has performed with various choral groups, orchestras and ensembles throughout California and Asia. When not performing with Remember When, you may see her in court, where she moon lights as a lawyer.  Go to top of page


Roger Moon (Tenor):  Growing up with music, Roger started early in life with the Collis Carolers, organized by his mother, bringing music to neighbors and shut-ins at Christmas time. His parents also were active in the Melody Makers, a community group that put on musical variety shows. Roger participated in Acappella Choir and Glee Club in high school, and the Occidental Choir, in addition to church choirs including the First Baptist Church of Pasadena. While singing in the Sierra Madre Chorale, he met Steve who recruited him into Remember When shortly after the group was formed. A retired Real Estate Appraiser, Roger has many interests to occupy his time. He is active in the BMW Car Club of America, and Sports Car Club of America, as well as other automotive pursuits. Roger really enjoys the music Remember When performs. He is actively looking for new arrangements for great standard tunes for the group, and even dabbling with his own arrangements.   Roger resides in East Pasadena.  Go to top of page


Robin Winternheimer (Tenor):  Born in McLeansboro, Illinois, this son of the Midwest went to school at Murray State University in Kentucky, when he was for a time was a double music major on the Bassoon and Bass Clarinet. He also played the Baritone Saxophone in the school’s jazz band. Robin came to Pasadena, California in 1987 and was introduced to singing at a church in the area. He auditioned for and joined the Men’s Master Chorale of the San Gabriel Valley, and performed for over 4 years with that group at the annual Ritz Carlton’s Christmas Gala and the KCET Annual Christmas Eve program.  That is where he met Steve who asked him to audition for Remember When. About Remember When, Robin says, "We do some of my favorite songs "  Robin lives in the greater Hollywood area of  Los Angeles.   Go to top of page


Earnie Lockert (Bass):  Earnie’s musical experience comes from singing in many different church choirs and gospel chorales. Earnie started singing in his local church in San Bernardino. While attending San Bernardino High School, he was selected to be a member of the school’s Acappella Choir, where he got much of his early training as a choral singer. After moving to Los Angeles, Earnie began singing with the Figueroa Concert Chorus, a group that performs a lot of gospel and religious music. Currently he now sings the DLW Community Chorale, and with the choir at Wilshire Christian Church in Down Town Los Angeles, where Kathy Dryden serves as the church choir director. While he is new to the jazz vocal style of Remember When, Earnie’s gospel experience is quite helpful in this transition. "The Remember When arrangements are different, and are quite challenging to perform." stated Earnie. " I do enjoy Remember When’s music and I do love the challenge."  Earnie lives in the greater Hollywood area of Los Angeles.   Go to top of page


Steve Hawkins (Baritone & Founder): Steve started singing as a boy soprano in a local church and continued to sing in choirs throughout his school years, but it was while appearing in a high school production of The Music Man when the "bug" for singing four-part harmonies really hit.  While attending San Diego State University, where he earned his degree in communications, Steve joined the Barbershop Society and remained an active member for over 7 years. He was also a member of the Men’s Glee Club and appeared in a production of the opera The Flying Dutchman, at SDSU. Other musical experiences include: Playing the acoustical guitar, performing in the Boys Glee Club and the A'cappella Choir at Arcadia High School and in the Chamber Choir at Pasadena City College. In 1997, he joined the new Sierra Madre Chorale (a member of the Southern California Choral Society), which holds 2 annual festivals.  It was at one of these festivals that Steve first heard a group called Vocal Magic, which performs Jazz standards. As he enjoys singing a lot of music from The Great American Song Book he took this as the inspiration to form Remember When. Steve loves, "The great group sound we can produce when we sing together. It is such a terrific, smooth and hot sound" and, "The team work approach to the group."   Go to top of page